IoT Solutions in Harsh Environments

High-quality instruments and services for carbon balance analysis and other environmental research, outdoor air quality measurements, support for precision farming and indoor air quality control. In addition to versatile devices, NB-IoT and LoraWAN network connectivity, you get measurement services, cloud services, and data analysis from the same address. We deliver comprehensive solutions from design to system delivery and maintenance.


Carbon binding verification research projects. Solutions for measuring and analyzing carbon flux and soil respiration. Accurate IoT systems and services for weather conditions monitoring. Remote ground water, pools, lakes, and river monitoring solutions.

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IAQ and Smart Buildings

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and building health monitoring solutions are tailored to our customers' needs. Temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, and pressure difference sensors and monitoring services, Negative pressure difference monitoring with alarms and reporting automatin for asbestos removal and other construction sites.

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Smart City Infra

The levels of rainwater wells and automatic monitoring and reporting of overflows. Flood control. Remote monitoring of the groundwater areas. Monitoring precipitation, soil moisture and growth conditions for planting in park areas. Monitoring of street dust and key outdoor air quality parameters.

Precision Farming

Weather stations, soil moisture, temperature and conductivity sensors. Warehouse monitoring, fuel tank, wells and reservoirs level monitoring. Underground-irrigation, groundwater level measurement solutions and wireless and remotely controlled valves for irrigation systems.

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Our passion is to advance our customers' business and sustainable development through smart services and high-quality IoT solutions. We care a lot about our customers' needs and environmental concerns to find the best possible solution from a business and environmental point of view. Get in touch! Let's work together to find the best solution.

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